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Socioeconomic and Epidemiological Drivers of Pathogens in Wildlife Trade Networks

Globalization is altering Earth’s ecosystems at unprecedented rates. Translocation of pathogens via trade is a signature consequence of globalization, which can have negative impacts on biodiversity and human health. The magnitude of animal movement and biosecurity practices along trade routes shape disease risk but are also inextricably linked to decisions and behaviors of diverse stakeholders. We are using a model system—amphibian hosts and their pathogens—to build a quantitative and analytical framework for understanding how ecological factors and socioeconomic feedbacks shape pathogen dynamics and disease risk in these dynamic wildlife trade networks. 

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Listen to Dr. Gray podcast talk with Dan Ciccotto (Amphibicast) on the importance of pathogen-free wildlife trade and the draft U.S. Healthy Trade Certification Program for pet amphibians.

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